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Auction "Russian and Soviet art". October 19, 2017 at 19:00

At the autumn auction of SOVCOM Auction House which will take place on October 19, 2017 the works of classics of the pre-revolutionary art and outstanding painters and sculptures of the Soviet period - 116 lots will be presented among which the works of Stanislav Zhukovsky, Alexander Gerasimov and Natalya Nesterova have a special place. 

The landscape by Stanislav Zhukovsky "Beginning of June" (1906) was exhibited at the grandiose exhibition Russian Art Exhibition which was held in the USA in 1924. The exhibition included the best works of the most significant domestic painters of the beginning of the XXth century which presented different art movements from "World of Art" to futurism. The exhibition became a real event in the cultural life of New York, its success was so significant that after the end of the main period in New York the pictures were exhibited in American cities for two more years. "The moral success is... enormous, everyone is delighted, is watching the pictures for hours, thanks, some people come five or six times", the famous artist Konstantin Somov remembered. The catalogue was printed for the exhibition. "Beginning of June" by S. Zhukovsky is mentioned on page 29, the illustration is published on page 74.

The canvas "I.V.Stalin and A. M.Gorky on a Walk" by Alexander Gerasimov, the first President of the Academy of Arts of the USSR (from 1947 till 1957), people's artist of the USSR, author of famous portraits, subject pictures and landscapes whose works are in many art museums and picture galleries such as the following is of absolute interest:  the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, Armed Forces Museum, State Historical Museum and many others. It is impossible to think of the art collection of the Soviet period without works of the painter who determined the style of the socialist realism.

The genre painting of the Soviet period is rather widely presented: it includes "Confectionery production" by Nora Aleksandr, "Students" by Valentin Volkov, "At the Production Site" by Isaak Tartakovski and many other works. It can be considered as a great piece of luck that the picture of the honored painter of the RSFSR Viktor Chulovich "A Moscow Yard. Big Hockey" (1961) appeared in the catalogue. Collectors are constantly interested in works of the painter but his finished and large-size works rarely appear at open auctions.

The landscape painting is exceptionally widely presented: the names of Igor Grabar and Dmitry Nalbandyan, Vladimir Stozharov and Yury Kugach are included in the gold fund of the domestic art of the XXth century justly. The experts of the auction house proudly mention the work "Hosta. Sea" (1947) by Pavel Sokolov-Skalya, the famous painter who is often called as a creator of model works of socialist realism. The brilliant works by the representatives of the Vladimir School Valery Kokurin and Kim Britov are put out to auction, too.

The works by Natalya Nesterova can currently be seen in museum collections and at large international exhibition projects, therefore, the appearance of the major canvas "The Feast of Herod" (1991) can be considered as a great piece of luck for everyone interested in the works of the unique Moscow painter. 

In recent years works of Soviet sculptors become more and more popular. It is logical as the indoor sculpture of the period combined seamlessly the classical pre-revolutionary tradition and pioneering tendencies of art nouveau and art deco. The sculptures included in the catalogue of the auction "Russian and Soviet Art" were created by outstanding masters of their time such as Elena Yanson-Manizer, Mikhail Anikushin and Anatoly Posyado.


The auction will take place on October 19, 2017 at 19:00
28 Shchepkin Str.
SOVCOM Auction House