Exhibition of landscapes of Moscow and St. Petersburg. From 10 June to 20 July 2013.

Landscapes of Moscow and St. Petersburg of 1950-80s. The new exhibition. Opening on June 10. The point has always been of current interest, but the interest in painting of 1950-80s has recently been growing rapidly. Inimitable image of two Russian capital cities and distinctiveness of their architecture and historical destiny have always attracted the artists. Our new exhibition is represented by the classics of the Soviet academic painting. We wish to draw your attention to the interesting diptych of ‘Palace Square’ and ‘Red Square’ by P.P. Ossovsky. There is a fine and very beautiful painting of ‘The Spring on the Boulevards. Moscow’ dated 1961 by I.M. Gurvich, or ‘the Soviet C'ezannist’, or ‘Russian C'ezanne’, as called by his artist friends. The Russian capital of 1960-70s is represented by admirable landscapes by N.N. Gorlov, G.A. Sysolyatin and G.I. Solovykh; St. Petersburg is represented by paintings by N.E. Timkov, I.V. Suvorov and Yu.D. Hukhrov. Amazing graphic arts by A.A. Romodanovskaya, E.A. Rastorguev, V.A. Vetrogonsky, I.P. Obrosov and B.A. Mesropyan show the nature and the way of life of 1950-60s.

In our exhibition, you may also see the recent arrivals to the auctions of fall, 2013, and many of them are available now. There are a lot of discoveries, from Russian academic painting to the nonconformist artists. Contact us by phone +7 (495) 684 91 91 or by e-mail art@sovcom.ru and we will be able to arrange a private view at your convenience.