The exhibition "Socialist Realism in Painting and Graphics" from April 20 through June 15, 2017.

An exhibition "Socialist Realism in Painting and Graphics" will be opened on April 20 in the exhibition hall of the gallery "Sovcom". The exposition will feature landscapes, still life and genre scenes of vivid representatives of socialist realism of the 20th century. We tried to collect and present the best works of a few, but indisputably, the most outstanding representatives of a realistic school. These are the works of G.K. Savitsky, A.M. Gerasimov, E.E. Moiseenko, V.I. Polyakov, A.Yu. Nikich, B.V. Okorokov, S.V. Gerasimov, Ya.M. Khaimov, S P. Tkachev, D.A. Nalbandyan, Yu.P. Kugach and other famous artists. We see a surge in interest to this period in the last few years, but perspective of the interests of our customers and viewers has changed. Small easel and etude genre works are in demand now, as well as large monumental paintings with ideological contents. There was a strong interest on the part of our Chinese clients on the works of artists of the "severe style" and we will present many rare etudes and sketches that have never been exhibited before. Socialist realism in art is highly valued in the West, it is studied, analyzed primarily from an artistic point of view.

In addition to a large number of paintings, you can get acquainted with the outstanding examples of graphics of that period. The main subjects are Soviet sports and illustrations for children's books and magazines of that period with all the variety of subjects. It is worth paying attention to the works of M.G. Royter, V.A. Serov, I.P. Obrosov, L.V. Soifertis and many others.

Despite the stylistic differences in the works of different masters, the common features of their creativity are obvious: in their understanding that socialist realism is social realism. They wrote life as it is around. This is well felt not only in genre compositions, this message is seen in landscapes, and even in still life. And if for some the concept of "socialist realism" is a stigma, for others it is a real epoch, the interest to which goes up and down undulatingly. The era of socialist realism went down in history of world art, and this is an indisputable fact. .

We will be glad to see you in our gallery. The exhibition is open from 10.00 to 18.00 on business days (at the weekend by prior arrangement).