Auction exhibition "RUSSIAN AND SOVIET ART" will be open from the 1st till the 28th of November 2019.

On the 29th of November 2019, we will hold our regular auction, which will present an extensive collection of paintings and sculptures of domestic art of the twentieth century.

The attraction of several private collections in this auctions is an unqualified success: Chinese posters from the 1950s – 1970s and collections of Soviet paintings from the 1950s on the theme of Russian hunting and fishing with two iconic works by M.I. Sidorov and J.D. Romas. Also, we received work from the private collection of Vasily Shukhaev. These works are from the Tbilisi period, two of them were presented at the anniversary exhibition of this great artist and subsequently donated to the relatives of the current owners.

The pearl of this auction is faience and porcelain from the home collection of the most famous masters of the 20th century - I.G. Frikh-Khar and Maria Kholodnaya, including works by sculptors of their close circle - A.G. Sotnikov, Sarra Lebedeva, A.T. Matveev and A.M. Belashov. At the moment, in the exposition of our gallery, you can familiarise yourself and purchase more than 30 unique items from this heritage.

The work “Porto d’Anzio" by one of the supreme Russian landscape and marine painters of the 19th century A.P. Bogolyubov has a great interest. This painting was purchased by the Heir Tsesarevich Alexander Nikolayevich (later Emperor Alexander III) personally from the artist in 1872. In the inventory of the Heir to the Tsesarevich, the work passes under its number on the frame (331) and the author's name. It was transferred to the joint-stock company “Hotel”, among the other goods from the "personal half" of the Alexandrovsky Tsarskoye Selo Palace and was sold at the auction. On the back, there is an inventory label of the Anichkov Palace in St. Petersburg: “Property of the Sovereign Emperor Alexander III, No. 230/ 331, Tsarskoye Selo Palace”.

The central top-lot of the upcoming auction is a version of the painting "Crossing Sivash" by G.K. Savitsky - academician of the Arts Academy of USSR, laureate of the Stalin Prize and one of the organisers of the Artists Association of Revolutionary Russia (AARR). In 1932 under the impression of the trip to the site of Perekop battles, Savitsky painted the picture “Crossing Sivash”, which is a massive battle scene full of dynamics. This work fully revealed the artist’s talent for the battle paintings, and it was repeatedly replicated on postcards and posters in USSR. This monumental battle canvas will be an adornment to any private or museum collection.

On the cover of the catalogue is the work of N.P. Bogdanov-Belskiy. The presented creation is one of the versions for the "The Young Witch" composition. It is known that this painting was exhibited by the artist at the 37th TPHV exhibition in 1909 for the first time. The work was published in the literary journal “Iskra” (No. 1, 1912) and “Album of the Newest Russian Painting” (M., 1913). The work “The Young Witch” is a rare example of the artist’s creative heritage and has undoubted museum significance.

As always the landscape paintings are widely represented: the names of Dmitry Nalbandian, Mikhail Abakumov, Nikolai Romadin and Yuri Kugach are rightfully included in the gold fund of the Russian art.

Two works by sculptor Dashi Namdakov decorate the string of non-conformists, contemporary artists and sculptors. The plots of Dashi’s sculptures are “mythological”, the style of performance is based on the plastique of the past, while the internal energy of the images is filled with epic symbolism, which makes these works critical cultural objects for our country and abroad.

On weekdays we work from 11.00 - 18.00. Later and on weekends by prior arrangement. We will be happy to provide all the necessary information, accept applications for absentee participation and applications for participation in tenders by phone. You can purchase or order a catalogue from our gallery staff.

Please note that some of the works will be exhibited from the 27th of November till the 1st of December 2019 at the 45th Russian Antique Salon at stand 1-32 in the exhibition of masterpieces of Soviet art that we will present in the Gostiny Dvor. We are always happy to see our customers and friends.

The Auction will take place on the 29th of November 2019 at 19:00. 28 Schepkina Street, Auction house "Sovcom".