Exhibition auction No. 166 is open from July 06 to July 19.

On the 06th of July Sovcom Gallery has opened a pre-auction exhibition of Auction № 166, which will be held on the 20th of July at 19.00. More than 140 lots will be presented at the auction - objects of painting, graphics, porcelain mainly of the 20th century, most of which will be available at the exhibition. Among the top - lots of the auction are works by Natalia Nesterova, Boris Shcherbakov, Alexander Benois and a selection of porcelain and bronze caskets.


Special attention among the landscape works is attracted to the painting by Boris Shcherbakov "Autumn Full Moon". The author's works don’t take part in the auctions that often and we are glad to bring to your attention this, undoubtedly, beautiful and rare painting. 


Several large collections of selected topics will also be well presented at the auction. For example, a large string of colorful views of Crimea will be presented by Konstantin Prokhorov, Yulia Razumovskaya and Grigory Tseitlin. An extensive section dedicated to sports, includes both the excellent graphics of A.D. Maksimova, N.I. Whiting and M.G. Reuter. A number of graphic landscapes of Mikhail Abakumov, Kim Britov, Efrem Zverkov, Gennady Myznikov and others.

In addition to the above works, the auction will show unique items of porcelain and decorative applied arts, among which special attention can be paid to the statuette "Alyonushka with a goat", which is painted by Anatoly Aleksandrovich Kiselev. Author's bronze model by Albert Charkin will also be presented at the auction to his project "Three Playwrights", this sculptural composition is now installed in the inner courtyard of the "Tabakerka" theater.

Another pride of the upcoming auction are the archives of the architect Boris Iofan, which is a true rarity at the auctions. Original graphics and photo prints are provided by the heirs of the People's Architect of the USSR.  

A selection of photos of Evgeny Khaldei, which came to us from the family archive. The auction will traditionally be completed by nonconformists (Viktor Pivovarov, Vladimir Nemukhin, Dmitry Krasnopevtsev, Natalia Nesterova) and contemporary authors (Dmitry Shorin, Farid Bogdalov).