The exhibition of "Auction of the season №167" will be open from the 13th till the 20th of September.

The auction will take place on the 21st of September at 19.00. This auction will feature over 170 lots - objects of painting, graphics, porcelain, most of which will be available at the exhibition. Among the top lots of the auction are works by Natalia Nesterova, Boris Shcherbakov, Igor Kabanov, a selection of photographs, porcelain and bronze. 


Several large collections of selected topics will be presented at the auction. For example a string of colorful still lifes by masters such as Y.M. Khaimov, N.N. Baskakov, Z.K. Tsereteli. A number of graphic landscapes by Mikhail Abakumov, Sergei Gerasimov, Boris Shcherbakov and others, special attention can be paid to the works of the famous Kukryniksy: Sokolov N.A., Krylova P.N.


In addition to the above works, the auction will show unique items of porcelain, decorative and applied art, among which special attention can be paid to the sculpture by Maria Kholodnaya "The Girl at Embroidery", Isidora Frikh-Khara "Pushkin on the Sofa", "Alyonushka with the Kid". The bronze sculpture by Tatyana Sokolova "A girl sitting on a stool" also attracts a lot of attention. There are only two casts of this work and the second one is in the collection of the State Russian Museum. This work was also published in the catalogue “Tatiana Mikhailovna Sokolova. Sculpture". Moscow. Union of Artists of the USSR, 1990. 


Items from the archives of the architect Boris Iofan also take part in the auction. A selection of photographs of Evgeny Khaldei, Semyon Morgenstern, Vladimir Larionov will be also presented at the auction.

Traditionally, the auction includes nonconformists (Viktor Pivovarov, Dmitry Krasnopevtsev, Natalia Nesterova, Mikhail Shemyakin) and contemporary artists (Irina Antoshina, Farid Bogdalov).


The exhibition is open from the 13th till the 20th of September at Schepkina street, 28. Significant works of art are being accepted for the next autumn auction. We are always waiting for you!


We will be happy to provide all the necessary information, accept applications for the auction if you will be absent and applications for participation by phone.


Auction house SOVCOM

Address: Moscow,St. Schepkina, 28

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