The exhibition Children's Holidays is open from 07/10/20 to 09/01/20.

The exhibition-sale "Children's Vacations" is now open in the Sovсom gallery, the protagonist of which was the theme of childhood in artworks from the gallery's collection and the private collectors. In addition to paintings, the exposition was complemented by objects of graphics and porcelain, also dedicated to the theme of childhood and summer holidays. The exhibition presents the works of Oleg Leonidovich Lomakin, Igor Vladimirovich Radoman, Alexei Fedorovich Pakhomov, Olga Borisovna Bogaevskaya and many others.

The world of childhood occupied a special place in the artistic consciousness of the 20th century. Being glorified especially in the Soviet period, the theme of childhood repeatedly occupied the creative vision of the artists, inspiring them. Children's games and fun, parental love and care, warm, friendly relations, finally, the portrait of a child as a completely independent and separate genre - all this invariably aroused the interest of artists in the world of children's dreams. And this is exactly what you can visually feel at the exhibition in the Sovcom gallery.

The exposition of the exhibition “Children's Vacations” is a panorama of the childhood images, both in the number of artists represented and in the style of their work. On the exhibition the following artists can also be seen: Aminadav Moiseevich Kanevsky, People's Artist of the USSR Leonid Vladimirovich Soifertis, especially known for his drawings for the magazine "Crocodile", one of the founders of Soviet conceptualism Viktor Dmitrievich Pivovarov and Elsa Davidovna Khokhlovkina performed in the style of socialist realism.

A special place at the exhibition is occupied by the Portrait of a Girl by Oleg Leonidovich Lomakin, painted by him in 1969. A girl looking in full view at the viewer, in a colorful striped shirt and with a large bow, at the same time amazes with her childish naivety and at the amazing concreteness and seriousness of her image. A clear, purposeful look is softened by a gentle girl’s smile, barely noticeable at first glance, with slightly raised corners of the lips, which, in turn, supports Lomakin’s wide pictorial brushstroke, as if giving the image great vitality and mobility.

Another work that deserves special attention in the exposition is the work of Alexey Fedorovich Pakhomov "Girl with a Cat." The theme of children and childhood is a favourite theme of the artist. “Sisters”, “In the Sandbox”, “Young Skiers” - a list of the author’s works from the gallery’s collection, which were not included in the exposition, can be listed for a long time - and they all reflect the theme of the world of children. Pakhomov is a master of his craft, and in working with the exhibition he showed himself to be the finest connoisseur of conveying children's moods, depicting the dialogue between the girl and the cat in a realistic manner peculiar to him.

Returning to the theme of portraits, one cannot ignore the work of Igor Vladimirovich Radoman. His portraits that greet visitors at the entrance are incredibly concrete and atmospheric. Unlike the portraits of Lomakin, Radonam does not strive in his portraits for a generalized ideality and some tenderness of a collective childish image, on the contrary, portraying specific characters with distinctly readable character traits. The portraits “Girl in a White T-shirt” and “Portrait of a Sitting Boy” presented at the exhibition are a clear confirmation of this.

The works mentioned above, as well as many other works, can be seen and bought at the exhibition "Children's Vacations", which will last until the 1st of September 2020.