The exhibition "Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow" is open from August 1 to September 1.

More than a hundred years have passed, but the feeling of a ringing holiday and real children's happiness from the Moscow bell ringing also inevitably captivates Muscovites and guests of the capital. "Moscow Gold-domed" - not for nothing is this phrase that characterizes Moscow, taken from an initially little-known song of the early 20th century, firmly entrenched not only in domestic, but also in world verbal culture, characterizing Moscow as there is a truthful way. 

This image - of the golden Moscow, of the Moscow with domes - was repeatedly reproduced not only in textual, or rather, song interpretations, but also attracted numerous views of artists over the course of many centuries, and especially over the past century. Who does not love the golden reflection of Moscow domes, pleasing and pampering the eye, in any - even the grayest and coldest Moscowweather?

St. Petersburg made a completely different, but no less poetic and picturesque impression on poets and painters for many centuries. A wonderful textual illustration of what is the poem of Joseph Brodsky in 1962. 

At our exhibition, we just want to share the almost inexhaustible variety of the image of the golden-domed Moscow, which excites the artistic consciousness to this day. Large - impressive not only for their monumentality, but also for their luminosity and skill of artistic execution - canvases; small, chamber and intimate, but all with the same triumphant bell ringing sheets of graphics; a whole series of photographs from the middle and second half of the century - these and many other exhibits can be seen at the exhibition.

The works of such artists as Eduard Georgievich Bragovsky, Gennady Ivanovich Solovykh, Mikhail Vladimirovich Matorin, Georgy Georgievich Lebedev, Garry Rudolfovich Franz and other authors together represent a continuous series of visual images of the bell ringing of Moscow, close and dear to every heart that has visited Moscow at least once.

Buy Moscow landscape. Buy a view of Moscow. At the exhibition, we propose not only to see, but also to buy some of the works for our personal collection or for a gift, thereby giving ourselves and those closest to us that unique - surprising in its completeness - feeling of the Moscow bell ringing, endlessly festive and joyful.