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"SOVCOM." April 3. Brief summary ARTinvestment.RU – 07.04.2014,17:55

April 3 , there was one of the main events of this spring auction - auction " Russian and Western European art XIX - XX Century" auction house " Scoop».

Directory which consisted of nearly 200 lots , carefully selected for six months , contained almost all better than a potential buyer may be interested in the domestic art market art of the second half of XIX - XX century. Lithographs , engravings and photos of the XIX century ; Russian and Western European art XIX - XX centuries entirely museum-quality names - V. A. Lentulov , V. VP Vereshchagin «welcome meeting . Date Boyar Morozova with Silver Prince "based on the historical novel AKTolstoy " Silver Prince . Tale times of Ivan the Terrible».

Paris School was presented floral still lifes Moses M. Kisling . Section theatrical and erotic art – works B.Kustodiev, M. Dobuzhinskiy, B. Grigorieva and others have been allocated a separate string of members of the Union of Russian Artists and continued the traditions of the second half of the twentieth century . In addition, the directory has got about 20 paintings by Soviet academic schools and representatives of severe style . Completed catalog traditionally " Sovkoma " section and Neo-Academists nonconformists , as well as several works by contemporary authors Gankevich, Lucy Raven , Yu Cooper , etc.

With such a catalog is quite clear that for the start of trading in the spacious hall " Sovkoma " observed a full house - more than six dozen people and a very lively atmosphere in hall , which does not happen if prisutstvauyuschih prevail among observers . In the end it went to the hall and most of all sold lots in the evening 27 people who took a direct part in the auction, took 80 of the 177 catalog of works . 14 lots went to buyers on the phone, 22 times out of 34 absentee bid has been successful . The general figures of the auction are as follows: Sales 65.54 %(116 of 177 ) lots totaling more than 110 million rubles (50.4 %of the average estimate of the total catalog) . This is the best result for the last six months of auctions of fine arts in Russia.

Gone under the hammer 60.19 %(62 of 103 lots) painting, 76.56 %(49 of 64 ) graphics and exactly half ( 5 of 10 ) photos . Another interesting figure : was bought (sometimes traded in 5 or more steps) 37 of 46 expensive , ie inferred million and above lots.

In this expectedly large catalog and a range of helpful starting prices - from 10 000 to 33 000 000 ; and often translated preset starts in a big way because of the change of the ruble to the day of sale.

Became the most expensive item of three illustrations 102 Yu Pimenov to book Marshak " Good Day" ( 1948). Three sheets of oil on paper went buyer in the room : he won 14 millionth correspondence rate, which started trading , offering 17 million rubles .

worth buying second evening appeared next , lot 103 . The same customer in the hall took myself and a wonderful original gouache drawing Deineki for the cover of the book " Our aircraft " for 7.5 million rubles from the start to 7 million by absentee rate .

in the asset can be written and trading in floral compositions . Thus, in 3 steps between absentee rates and the buyer on the phone was raffled Lot 49 - a lovely still life with sunflowers Marevny 1940s , took the phone for 1.7 million rubles from 1.4 million start. On the phone from start to 4.3 million rubles ( third result of the day ) went elegant floral composition " Ferns and wildflowers " (1932 ) Moses Kisling .

most bitter struggle broke out for the evening lots 80 and 81 - Spring landscape P. Petrovicheva and Tourjansky. For the first picture Petrovicheva " Spring in the forest " (lot 80) , traded correspondence rate and six (!) Bidders in the hall. To determine the winner, it took more than ten steps . As a result, the work went into the hall , still 4 million rubles, from the start of 2 million by absentee rate. The same , except that without the participation of absentee bids , happened when bargaining for the next 81 exhibition "Landscape . Song of Spring " (1913) Tourjansky : same starting 2 million , the same final 4 million , and won the hall .

Traditionally well dispersed sixties - B. Brewers ( Lot 165 , 120 000 ), Nemukhin ( Lot 170 , 750, 000 ), etc.

By absentee rate for 1.2 million rubles sold " Still life with birds and fish" Lucy Raven (Lot 172) . If we assume in rubles , it is a record price for the artist (if in dollars, due to exchange rate differences, this is the second result, but we are with you in Russian , so let us rejoice RECORD ).

by the way , it was the notorious" difference courses "may , nevertheless played a negative role during the drawing" welcome meeting ... "- with a lot of catalog cover : starting 28 million rubles to which applicants for lot 65 had mentally prepare , before the auction, have been translated into 33 million rubles. In the end , alas, remained unsold lot .

In general, the auction was in a pretty good pace. Auctioneer ( and trades conducted himself this time Yu Tyukhtin ) closely followed the public mood in the hall, and , if active trading occurred suddenly pause , motivated potential buyers of so-called " game for a fall ." In particular, when it became clear that for starting 250 000 rubles to the landscape " Moscow River » B.F. Sukhanov ( item 94) no bidders , he began gradually to 10 000rubley , reduce the price . Hall relaxed and missed the moment when for a modest 40,000 rubles picture took the most successful ( and attentive) party in its ranks. Congratulate him on a very reasonable purchase. Conclusion: in order not to miss the best offer , do not greatly distracted while trading .

auction season success than justified the high expectations of most of the public. The authors and supporters of negative forecasts can be comforted unsold lots , and it is unlikely that a long time all these works are offered within postauktsionnoy sale. Congratulations to the organizers of the auction of the season , its participants and winners .

Maria Kuznetsova , AI