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Exhibition "Soviet Art." is open from March 7 through March 30, 2016.

This exhibition is a logic sequel to our previous project Soviet painting. Socialist realism, which aroused an avid interest among our clients, both established and new ones. We have expanded it by including all 156 lots of the upcoming evening sale on March 31 with a telling name “Auction. Soviet painting”. We have added to the Soviet Drawing section a lot of book and poster layouts, which can be seen straight in folders now, as well as mass-printed and original drawings. In our opinion, it will be especially exciting for collectors because sometimes you can see the artist’s sketches or comments overleaf. Most of these remarkable pictures were printed on postcards and in books published in the USSR. We post information about many such discoveries on our Facebook page. Another important section is Soviet sport.

Soviet genre art has always been a timely subject but recently interest in paintings created during that half of the century has been growing rapidly.

Murals, easel paintings and drawings on our new exhibition present a comprehensive view on all the trends and traditions of realistic art in the USSR.

The iconic socialist realism of the 1930s and 1940s represented by such paintings as G. Nisskii, G. Savitsky, Ya. Romas, S. Adlivankin, P. Konchalovskii and S. Luchishkin is a good neighbor to the landscapes and genre paintings of the 1970s and 1980s represented by E. Zverkov, Tkachev brothers, G. Bragovskii, V. Popkov, P. Ossovskii and A. Papikyan.

A separate vivid part of the exhibition is formed by the still-life paintings of 1950s having inimitable spirit and colour schemes: G. Sretenskii, M. Suzdaltsev, Ya. Khaimov, S. Gerasimov.

Some impressive paintings of Oleg Pavlovich Klukin (1929 – 2002), a very original and remarkable artist of the 1970s, were received from his heirs and now they are on display for the first time.

Over 250 pieces are on display, mostly represented by works of famous academic artists, which we received from private collections and artists’ heirs. You can also see new arrivals on our exhibition; many works can be bought now or bids for the evening sale on March 31 can be made.

The display is updated constantly, that’s why we are looking forward to offers from our clients and collectors, who could provide us with an interesting material for our spring exhibitions and auctions.

Please contact us by phone +7 (495) 684 91 91 or by email, and we will be able to arrange a view at your convenience.