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Artworks of Timur Novikov and Georgy Guryanov at the auction of the Sovcom.

I've been very lucky, because I was able to hold an artwork of legendary Timur Novikov in my hands. He was an amazing graphic artist, as well a painter (it must be said, he was not just an artist, but he was a key person of so called Leningrad underground movement). Almost every citizen of our country knows more or less about his artworks: he was not just a part of creation of the iconic film of Sergey Solovyev named «ASSA», but, as they say, he was the first artist in Soviet cinema history, who was awarded as the best backdrop creator.

You can talk over and over again about how Novikov managed to create his own art space by the end of the 1980's, the team, which was called «New artists» for young musicians, painters, composers and directors, we could also look back and see, that Novikov was almost the only one graphic artist and painter from our country, who was taken seriously by such superstars as Andy Warhol, John Cage, Robert Rauschenberg… But all these facts are not so important without understanding, that if Novikov was born not in Leningrad, but in Pittsburg, let's say, he would still become as famous as Warhol.

I am able to connect to Novikov's artworks in a tactile way in «Sovcom» gallery, where the exhibition will take place very soon, comming before a public auction. You know, sometimes it is a great pleasure to be a cultural professional, because you are able to see what is going on behind the curtain.

By the way, there will be some artworks of Georgy Guryanov at the same public auction. Some people know him as a drummer of the band «Kino», but the others know him as one of the most famous painters of our country (also, his works became the most expensive in 2016), who is called a successor of the traditions of Alexander Samokhvalov, Alexander Deineka and Alexander Rodchenko. I can not say that I really feel Guryanov's artworks (he used the method and style of «recomposition»), but his creations are absolutely interesting.

Armen Apresyan.