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№ 117

The ghosts of the past. T.Kiselev.

Author: Vrubel Dmitry Vladimirovich

Year – 1989.
Size – 155х105,5.
Technique – Mix media on paper

700 000 rub.

700 000 rub.


Nonconformism means unofficial Soviet art. The name Soviet nonconformism serves to jointly denote the representatives of various artistic schools of 1950—1980s which for reasons of political and ideological censure were pushed out of the public artistic life. At this time, the visual arts in USSR became separated into conformism and nonconformism. The terms conformism and nonconformism were borrowed from psychology to designate passive and remonstrative acceptance of the existing system. Nonconformism in Soviet art reflected the existing psychological and social situation. The example of nonconformism in the life of Soviet people showed that sustained pressure of the totalitarian oppression was impossible. In search of new reality, the visual arts were boldly overcoming the obstacles of the past canons. In the field of unofficial arts of the Soviet Union the laws for state regulation of the art process could not operate. The development of the art was left to its own laws. Many view nonconformism as a whole as an “insane mixture of Russophiles and Westernists, the salon and the deep thinking of artists working in most diverse manners who were brought together through being on the same side of the fence”.

The nonconformism is acknowledged as a unique phenomenon in the history of visual arts; many specimens of “unofficial art” became a part of the collections and displays of the State Tretiakov Gallery, the Russian Museum, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and many others.

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Soviet nonconformist art includes several informal groups, such as “Lianozovo group” (Oscar Rabin, Nikolai Vechtomov, Lidia Masterkova, Vladimir Nemukhin, Lev Kropivnitsky), “Moscow conceptualists” (Ilya Kabakov, Andrei Monastyrsky and artistic group “Collective actions”, Erik Bulatov, Dmitry Prigov, Viktor Pivovarov, Pavel Pepperstein, Nikita Alekseiev and others, “Gnezdo” group), “Sots Art” (Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid), “Mitki”.

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