Auction Regulations

LLC "Gallery SOVKOM"


1. Auction organizer.

The organizer of the auction is LLC "Gallery SOVKOM". During the bidding, the Organizer acts through the secretary, at other times - through his representatives. The Organizer in its activities is guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


2. Auction participants.

Auction participants may be:

- any fully capable individuals who have reached the age of eighteen, residents and non-residents of the Russian Federation, who have registered to participate in the auction. The auction organizer has the right, at its discretion, to request an identification document from a potential individual participant.

- any legal entities whose representatives, before the start of the auction, must submit to the organizer’s representative a power of attorney for the right to participate in the auction pay a security deposit (deposit) before bidding.


3. Auction procedure.

3.1. All works put up for auction are presented in the auction catalog posted on the website and at the pre-auction exhibition, which takes place at the "Gallery SOVKOM" at the address: 129090, Moscow, st. Shchepkina, 28, where bidders can view them during gallery opening hours. The exhibition closes 24 hours before the start of trading. The auction catalog contains full descriptions of the items, brief information about the artists and the projected estimated value of each of the lots.

3.2. Auction participants are advised to carefully read the lots they are interested in and, if necessary, ask all questions to the gallery specialists. An auction participant who did not have time to personally familiarize himself with the items on display before the start of the auction does not have the right to present related claims to the auction organizer either during the auction or when paying for and receiving purchased lots. Claims regarding the quality of purchased lots after the auction will not be accepted.

3.3. Lots are offered for sale in the order in which they are presented and numbered in the catalogue. The auction organizer reserves the right to withdraw any lot from auction without giving reasons. When putting a lot up for auction, the auctioneer announces its number, name and starting price. The starting price is usually equal to the lower limit of the valuation of a given lot, but the auctioneer, at his discretion, can adjust the starting price and the price increase step at the auction.

3.4. To participate in the auction, the Auction Organizer may require the bidder to make a deposit in the established amount. A first-time auction participant is admitted to the auction after making a deposit. At the same time, the paid deposit is counted towards the cost of the purchased lot; in case of refusal to participate in the auction, or if the purchase does not take place, it is returned to the participant. Cash deposit must be paid prior to bidding.

3.4.1. For online auction participants registered for the first time (Bidspirit system), the total monetary limit for purchasing lots at the first auction is 30,000 rubles. When making a deposit of 30,000 rubles, the limit on purchasing lots increases to 300,000 rubles. If a participant who has registered online for the first time plans to make purchases at an auction in an amount exceeding the established limit of 300,000 rubles, the Auction Organizer has the right to ask for a cash deposit, the amount of which is set depending on the size of the expected limit. The deposit for participation in the auction for first-time registered online participants must be paid no later than 2 (Two) hours before the start of the auction. For the first time, a registered Internet participant, after purchasing the won lots, is allowed to participate in the auction without a deposit.

3.5 Auction participants can take part in it in person, in absentia and by telephone, through the Bidspirit system.

3.5.1. To participate in the auction in person, you must register before the start of the auction and receive a number card. The participant's number card is the only evidence confirming the right to participate in the auction. If a member allows a third party to own his card, he is responsible for the actions of that person as if they were his own.

3.5.2. If a person wishing to take part in the auction cannot attend it in person, he can take part in the auction by telephone. To do this, you must leave an application for participation in the auction on the application form for participation in the auction by phone, indicating the numbers and names of the selected lots. Those bidding by telephone will be assigned a code number, which is the equivalent of a number card. Before the start of bidding on the lots he has chosen, the participant will be contacted by a gallery employee at the specified telephone number, who will represent his interests during the auction. The auction organizer cannot be held responsible for failure to fulfill telephone orders during the auction caused by various circumstances, for example, loss of communication with subscribers during the auction, etc. By sending an application to participate in telephone auctions, a person confirms his irrevocable obligation to promptly pay for the lot purchased during the auction.

3.5.3. If a person wishes to take part in the auction, but is unable to attend in person or by telephone, he can leave an absentee bid to the Gallery staff. To do this, you must fill out an application, which indicates the numbers and names of the lots, as well as the maximum price that the participant is willing to pay for each of them. The application form is available on the website. If an absentee bid is left for the lot, the auctioneer reports this fact. If two orders with the same price offers are received for the same lot, and these offers are the highest, then the participant whose order was received first is considered the winner. The gallery employee will do everything possible to purchase the lot specified by the absentee participant at the minimum price.

3.6. Registration of participants taking part in auctions in absentia, by telephone or through the Bidspirit system ends 2 (Two) hours before the start of the auction.

3.7. Raising a number card by an auction participant means the participant’s unconditional and irrevocable consent to buy the lot put up for auction at the announced price. Each subsequent raising of cards by participants means agreement to purchase the lot at a price one step higher than the last named price. Unless otherwise announced by the auctioneer, the increment by which the price of a lot increases during bidding is approximately 10%. The auctioneer has the right to establish a different step during the auction by announcing this to the auction participants. During the auction, an auction participant may make an offer to purchase a lot at an arbitrary price that is more than one step higher than the previous offer. In this case, further calculation is based on the price offered by the participant. Bidding for individual lots can be carried out by the auctioneer using the “Dutch system”, about which the auctioneer warns auction participants in advance. In this case, the starting price announced by the auctioneer is lowered by him until one of the auction participants raises a card. The first auction participant to raise the card is considered the purchaser of the lot. With the blow of the auctioneer's hammer, the Buyer and the highest price for the lot sold are determined. The winner is the participant identified by the auctioneer as the last one to raise the number card, or as the winner of a certain amount of the absentee bid. The auctioneer announces the winner for this lot. From this moment on, the purchase and sale transaction is considered completed; refusal from it or putting forward any additional conditions and objections is impossible. If no number card is raised for the lot being traded and there are no absentee orders, it is removed from the auction. Lots removed from sale can be purchased within 24 hours after the end of the auction if the Buyer's new offer suits the seller. "Gallery SOVKOM" acts as a commission agent in this case and, in the case of a post-auction transaction, receives a commission, negotiating it when concluding a post-auction agreement.

3.8. For refusal to purchase a lot, a fine of 25% of the value of the lot is provided. If a participant refuses the lot for any reason after payment for the lot, the auction fee and commission for using Internet services are not refunded.

3.9. In the hall where the auction is held, any kind of advertising campaigns, photography, filming, audio and video recording are carried out only with the prior permission of the auction organizer. The organizer of the auction, and during the period of its holding - the secretary, reserve the right to refuse any person to participate in the auction without giving reasons.


4. Payment procedure and receipt of purchased items.

4.1. Trading takes place in Russian rubles. All payments for purchased lots occur only in Russian rubles.

4.2. In addition to the price of the lot, the Buyer is charged a commission by the auction organizer in the amount of 15% of the hammer price. When purchasing lots through the bidspirit system, an additional 2% is added to the Auction Organizer's commission. The commission is charged on the entire amount of lots purchased within one auction. Purchasing a lot at an auction means the Buyer’s unconditional agreement to pay the auction organizer’s commission in excess of the purchase price of the lot.

4.3. When paying for won lots within the first two weeks after the auction, the commission fee is 15%. When paying for won lots within the third and fourth calendar weeks after the auction, the commission fee is 20%.

4.4. If the won lots are not paid for by their purchaser more than four weeks from the date of the auction, the deposit (if any) is not returned to the auction participant, and the lots are placed at the disposal of the auction organizer.

4.5. Cash rubles, money transfers and bank cards are accepted for payment. Paid lots are issued after the money is received in the bank account or at the Auction Organizer's cash desk. For Buyers paying for lots by bank transfer, the day of payment is considered the day the funds are credited to the Auction Organizer's bank account. When paying by bank cards, all additional fees charged by the specified payment systems are paid by the Buyer. The Auctioneer's commission received as a result of the auction does not include these payments.

4.6. Ownership of the lot passes to the bidder upon full payment of the price. The won lots can be collected either by the Buyer in person (using his passport) or by a representative of the Buyer by proxy. The Buyer's risks and responsibility for the lot pass to him from the moment of full payment and transfer of this lot by the Organizer to the Buyer or his representative at the auction address.

4.7. The Organizer may invoice the Buyer for the storage of paid items if they are not received by the Buyer within one calendar month from the date of the auction. The cost of storage is calculated as 1% (One) percent of the cost of the item for every 10 (Ten) calendar days of storage.

4.8. The auction organizer does not deliver purchased lots. To deliver lots, the Buyer may engage a courier company at his own discretion, with the buyer paying for the delivery himself. The auction organizer is not responsible for delivery times and courier services. In this case, the Buyer bears all risks of damage or loss of items.

4.9. All disputes are resolved either through negotiations or in court at the location of LLC "Gallery SOVKOM".


5. SOVKOM Gallery guarantees

5.1. The Auctioneer makes every effort to provide accurate information about the items offered for sale. Auction catalogs are a source of reference information about items offered for sale. Only the information contained therein can be considered received from the auction organizer.

5.2. Following the practice of international auctions, the Auctioneer adheres to the principle of “Caveat Emptor” (Buyer acts at his own risk), according to which the Buyer, having ascertained the quality of the item before making a purchase, subsequently bears responsibility for his choice. The auction organizer strongly recommends that all participants familiarize themselves with the items of interest as carefully as possible before the start of the auction.

5.3. "Gallery SOVKOM” employees are not professional restorers, experts or curators, and therefore their statements should not be considered exhaustive. The condition description of an item in the catalog may not include all details.

5.4. After the end of the auction, claims for purchased lots will not be accepted.

5.5. A statement from an auction participant that the purchased item is a counterfeit may be presented to the Organizer in writing within one calendar year from the date of the auction. The participant making a claim regarding the sale of this item must provide at least two separate independent expert opinions issued by state museums or research institutions of the Russian Federation relevant to the topic of the auction, confirming the claim.

5.6. If it is conclusively proven that an item purchased at the Organizer's auction is a counterfeit, the item must be delivered to the Organizer in the same condition in which it was sold on the day of the auction, without any changes or interventions. Funds for such an item may be paid by the Auctioneer to the Buyer after receiving funds from the original owner of the item who submitted it to the auction. The participant has no right to demand compensation in an amount exceeding the price paid by him or to claim compensation for additional losses and moral damage. Auction fees and commissions for using Internet services are non-refundable. Guarantees apply only to direct participants in the auction who have received from the Organizer the relevant documents on the purchase of the item at the auction and who have submitted these documents in full in the event of claims. The returned item must be free from any third party claims as certified by its owner.

5.7. If at the time of the auction there was already a corresponding expert opinion on its authenticity for a specific item, the statement about a possible forgery will not be accepted.

5.8. The auction organizer guarantees non-disclosure and confidentiality of all personal data of auction participants.


6. Additional information

6.1. Lots containing the symbol λ are subject to the right of succession.

6.2. Lots containing the symbol * are located in the European Union.



The user, sending any data to LLC "Gallery SOVKOM" (hereinafter referred to as the Operator) via email to the address:, via the website, via WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber messengers account at +79636587188, gives his consent to the Operator to process his personal data freely, of his own free will and in his interests, as well as confirming his legal capacity, under the following conditions:

1. This Consent is given for the processing of personal data, that is, performing, inter alia, the following actions: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, changing), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access) , depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data, while a general description of the above methods of data processing is given in Federal Law No. 152 of July 27, 2006, as well as the transfer of such information to third parties, in cases established by regulatory documents of higher authorities and legislation .

2. List of personal data for the processing of which the consent of the personal data (representative of the subject of personal data) is given:

•Full Name;

•Date and place of birth;

•Series and number of the identity document, by whom and when issued;

•Registration addresses at the place of residence and actual residence;

•Telephone numbers: home and mobile;

•Email addresses;

•Details of bank cards and/or bank account;

3. Purpose of processing personal data: processing incoming applications from individuals for feedback purposes; issuing invoices for payment, preparing shipping documents; carrying out mutual settlements for transactions; processing incoming applications from individuals for the purpose of consulting about the services provided.

4. The processing of the above personal data will be carried out through mixed processing of personal data.

5. This Consent is given for the right of the operator to transfer (provide) this data to third parties (partners of the Operator), as well as if it is necessary to deliver goods and/or send notifications of an informational and advertising nature (via telecommunication networks, including email, SMS messages, telephone communications), including: Courier Service "CDEK", Courier Service "Dellin" or "RUSSIAN POST" by providing.

6. This consent to the processing of personal data is valid from the moment it is submitted to the operator for the entire duration of the organization’s activities and can be withdrawn at any time by submitting a simple written application to the operator.

7. The subject’s personal data is subject to storage for the periods established by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Personal data is destroyed: to achieve the purposes of processing personal data; upon liquidation or reorganization of the operator; based on a written request from the personal data subject with a request to stop processing his personal data (the operator will stop processing such personal data within 3 (three) working days, of which a written notification will be sent to the personal data subject within 10 (ten) working days.