Use the services of our Auction House and make sure that buying antiques, paintings, sculptures graphics is very simple!

Our specialists will help you to find a piece of art to decorate your home or for investment purposes.

There are several ways of getting art works for your private collection:

1. To become a bidder. Thus, you can buy a rare and valuable piece of art and experience unforgettable emotions. You can bid in person or by phone. However, if you are too busy, you can use the absentee bidding option. In this case, the representative of the Auction House will try to purchase the lots you selected at the minimum price.

2. To get paintings from gallery or at an exhibition. This is an ideal option for those, who prefer making purchases in a quiet and calm atmosphere.

3. To get the auction house specialist service. Our specialists will find artworks of your interest according to your budget. Art consulting services also include choosing a line for the future collection, forming its structure and developing a strategy for its expansion.

Yes, it is a good investment, since the works of art increase in price over the years. However, just like any other investment, it should be made as a part of a well-targeted strategy, taking into consideration the liquidity of purchased items and the potential increase in their value.

Purchasing paintings, sculptures and other artworks at auction considers no discounts. The auctioneer is interested in getting the highest possible price.

However, if you want to build your own collection of the works of art, we can offer you favorable options of buying a large number of paintings. You will get this opportunity, if you become a regular customer of our gallery. Moreover, if you get our art consulting service, our specialist will help you build a collection on the most beneficial terms.

We have a comprehensive approach to our clients’ needs and requirements. If you buy artworks at our gallery, you can order the delivery and placement service. Our workers will responsibly and delicately handle fragile and valuable pieces of art.

It is impossible to return an artwork bought at auction; it can only be set for an auction again. “Caveat emptor”, or “Let the buyer beware”, is the principle every auction house holds to, which reminds the bidders to personally study the information of an artwork they want to purchase or to turn to an art consultant before making a deal.

Unrestored objects are frequently set for auction. Sometimes, however, an artwork is so valuable, that many bidders are ready to purchase them in any condition. If you decided to buy an unrestored sculpture, painting or a vase and want to have its former glamour brought back, you can address to professional restorers. In particular, you can use the restoration services of our Auction House.

Both residents and non-residents of the Russian Federation can buy artworks at auctions and from galleries. The shipment of the works of art abroad, however, is governed by law. Objects of cultural heritage can be taken abroad after their owner has received permission from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and presented this document at the customs. In order to obtain such permission, you can turn to lawyers, who specialize in work with items of cultural value.

If you want to get an independent expert examination of the purchased item, we will be glad to help you arrange it. You will choose an expert and, at our request, they will provide you with an official opinion concerning the authorship and the time when the work of art was created.

You can find the bidding rules of the Auction House in this section.