Our Auction House is a famous place for all art dealers and antique lovers, where all those who want to buy and sell pieces of art such as paintings, graphics and objects of applied arts can meet.

Demand and supply are in dynamical equilibrium and form the investment value of art. Our auction site becomes a meeting point for present and future artworks owners, where they can safely make sale and purchase transactions.

Maybe, you buy or sell a piece with artistic merit for the first time? So we did our best to make this process for you as comfortable as possible. Make sure that to buy or to sell paintings, graphics, sculpture through the Auction House SOVCOM is a convenient, simple and profitable way.

We have been working for more than 15 years and sold more than 50.000 items. We have an impeccable reputation and you will definitely appreciate it, when you cooperate with us.

Our Auction House offers a full range of services to help you sell a piece of art.

To sell a painting at the price, that corresponds its value, it is necessary to make a professional estimation. Our Auction House is ready to estimate your artwork for free.

Here are several steps for it:

1. Send us several photos of the artwork, preferably from different sides, by email. You'll get our answer by email or by phone.

2. Bring the artwork to our gallery and get a personal consultation from our appraiser. The more information we have, the more accurate the preliminary estimation. If you have documentary evidence of the provenance, don't forget to provide it, it can raise the price.

If you want to sell pieces of art, but you are too busy to visit our auction house, we can send an appraiser to your house. We can offer this service, if after the conversation or photo analysis we have a reason to assume that the piece of art you sell has a significant value.

We can also offer this service, if you have a significant number of paintings or antiquities to sell.

If you want to put up a piece of art for an auction, we'll be glad to offer you our services.

Address our assistants and they will provide you with information on upcoming biddings and opportunities to sell your piece of art at a thematic auction. They will also help you fill an application correctly and pass all stages of pre-sale preparation. You can find the bidding rules of the Auction House in this section.

In our Auction House you can find painting and graphics restoration masters from the top ranking restoration workshops.

You can also order to frame up your paintings, photos, posters in our picture framing studio. It will let you to present them to a buyer in a favorable light.

It takes time to sell an antiquity at auction. Before the auction, we prepare the audience: we publish a catalogue in advance to introduce the audience to the upcoming auction theme and to let them study our lots. Do you want to sell an antiquity or a piece of art quickly? There is another way.

Our auction house has its own art gallery with paintings and graphic works of the Soviet period. Moreover, there are antiquities of other periods too. We are ready to buy your artwork on the spot!

When selling a painting to the gallery, the price is usually a little bit lower than you might get at auction. On the other hand, you will immediately receive your money.