SOVCOM - An auction house and a gallery of Soviet art

Sovcom is the leader on the market of Soviet and Russian art

The Auction House and the gallery Sovcom is a stable and developing company that has been working for more than 15 years. The specialization of our company is Russian classical, Soviet and modern art. At the same time, we organize second-hand, numismatic and other thematic exhibitions and auctions such as: auctions of the Western painting and graphics of the XVII-XX centuries; ancient and rare frames; auctions on the selling of private collections, including printed and original graphics of the XVII-XX centuries; icons, watches, pieces of applied art, sculptures, photography, jewelry, unique objects and rarities.

However, the main focus of our exhibition and trades remains unchanged. This is Soviet painting and graphics of the XX century. We work in two directions: as an auction house and as an art gallery. It helps us to achieve good results: on average, we organize ten auctions and several thematic exhibitions annually. At our exhibitions you can find recognized masters of Soviet and Russian art as well as young modern artists and photographers.

Our Auction House also participated in charity projects and helped some painters to publish their catalogues. Our gallery held more than 50 exhibitions in our gallery house as well as in the leading museums of Russia. Our specialists participate in preparation of catalogues and monographs, cooperating with the leading experts in Russian art and Soviet painting, painters, heirs of collections, collectors and expertise centers.

Cooperation with collectors and a wide client base allowed our Auction House to become a recognized leader in the market of Russian and Soviet art in Russia. We have sold more than 50.000 items and set a lot of auction records for painting and graphic works of Russian authors. We avoided unresolved conflicts and controversial situations, which are unfortunately frequent in the field of antiquarian and art trade.

When taking items for auction and selling, we often buy them. In our gallery's collection there are more than a thousand unique pieces of painting and graphics of the XX century.

We are always open for cooperation and hope that our professionalism and reputation are the main values, which will help us together with our clients expand our business competently and confidently and achieve a mutual beneficial result. Commitment for us is always above circumstances.

Sovcom Auction House and Sovcom Gallery

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Sovcom Gallery
Sovcom Gallery
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