July 24th - August 20th 2007. The exhibition "Akmal Nur – the Eastern Enigma".

The exhibition "Akmal Nur – the Eastern Enigma" will be held in the SOVCOM Art Gallery since July 24 through August 20, 2007

One-man show of a People's Artist, Acting Member of the Uzbekistan Arts, Akmal Nur (Nuridinov Akmal Vakhobzhanovich) will open in premises of the SOVCOM Art Gallery on July 24th, 2007 (Schepkina st., 28). Visitors of the gallery will have a chance to see works of the Tashkent landscaper.

Akmal Nur spent his childhood in Namangan, which he left for Tashkent, where he lives up to now. He received education in arts at Penkov Republican College of Arts, then at Uygur Tashkent State Institute of Arts. During 1985-89 he studied in art workshop under the USSR Academy of Arts in Tashkent.

His artworks gained credence not only in Uzbekistan, but far beyond, which is evidenced by numerous international one-man shows held by the master and buying desire of famous galleries to acquire his works. Akmal Nur's pictures are in museum collections of Uzbekistan, the USA (Davidson Gallery), India (Art Heritage Gallery), Yugoslavia (Museum of Modern Art), etc.

The artistic conception of this man is defined by combination of the East and West traditions and the desire to find the national originality. The main features of his works are plane treatment, space leveling and perspective cutting, which define the atemporal character of his painting, which rather represents perpetual and timeless categories, then just reality. In the works “The white dream of dervish”, “Humsan's Necklace”, “The rhythms of doyra”, “The confluence of souls”, “Chilim” the major color-grade rules, where it is brought to life by the artist's imagination, who lives under burning southern sunshine. His paintings are rich in colors, liner rhythms, and bear the conception of two beginnings antimony: the light and the darkness, the kindness and evil spirits, the things which are the subject matter of all the human lives.

But the light beginning still prevails in the works of the artist, which is closer to his understanding of life. Flush and happiness of life results in the series of beautiful, poetic images, full of sincerity and soul warmness (“Accords of rose blossoming above the Moon”, “Milky Way”, “The Bird of Fortune”).

The works of the master are full of spirituality of classical eastern art and dedicated to theme of love, playing an important role in his paintings. And this is not the only the love to a certain person, but to all creatures in this world, symbolizing the universe harmony.

The visitors of the exhibition will be able to get in touch with poetic beauty, meditativeness, unclosed metaphor and imaginative symbolic of the eastern art.