Soviet genre paintings of 1950-1980. Opening of the exhibition on January 15, 2013.

Soviet genre of 1950-1980. New exhibition. Opening on January 15.

Soviet genre painting was always popular, but the interest in the painting of 1950-1980 has rapidly grown recently. Our new exhibition is dedicated to the soviet painting of the latter half of XX. Monumental paintings, easel painting and graphics are illustrative of all the trends and traditions of the realistic art of the USSR.

There are more than 100 paintings, for the most part of famous academic names, but we tried to express and include all artistic trends of the former union republics. The section of painting developed in Uzbekistan in the course of creative business trips and by local artists is the largest one. A lot of paintings represent the original discoveries of the museum level. Many creations were presented from private collections and by heirs of the authors and have never exposed before.

You can also see up-to-date deliveries at the auctions of 2013; many of them are available for buying right now. There are a lot of discoveries from the Russian academic painting to nonconformist artists. We are at work on week-ends in January and February upon prior agreement. Please, contact us by phone: +7 (495) 684 91 91, or by e-mail: art@sovcom.ru, and we’ll be able to organize the private view at a time which is convenient to you.