The exhibition "Auction of the season No. 163" is open from the 18th of January till the 01st of February.

On the 18th of January the Sovcom Gallery opened a pre-auction exhibition which will take place on the 2nd of February at 19.00. The auction will feature over 170 lots - paintings, graphics, porcelain, mainly of the 20th century, most of which will be presented at the exhibition. Among the top lots of the auction are works by Kim Britov, Efim Zverkov, Alexander Osmerkin, Alexander Benois, Konstantin Prokhorov, Mikhail Abakumov, a selection of porcelain figures and collectible Soviet posters.


One of the masterpieces of the exhibition and the upcoming auction is a painting by Mikhail Georgievich Abakumov "House under the Cherries", executed between 1985 and 1992. Mikhail Abakumov is one of the well-known masters of the landscape genre of the last quarter of the 20th century. On the canvas presented at the auction, Abakumov shows himself not only as a master of depicting nature, but also as a brilliant connoisseur of the foundations of the impressionistic method of painting. Known in many ways as a Russian impressionist, the author builds the landscape on the subtlest contrast of sky-blue, golden-pink and ocher shades. The canvas seems to come to life because of the skillful use of a fluent painterly brushstroke and the active pale pink hue of the flowering cherry tree in the foreground, which seems to glow on the surface of the canvas and gives the entire work an incredibly sunny look. 


The top lots of the future auction are also presented at the exhibition in the gallery, they include a string of monumental posters of the 1920s, printed by T.U.G.T The presented posters undoubtedly belong to the masterpieces of poster art throughout the history of the gallery. The posters of the USSR State Circus are incredibly diverse in their plots and amaze with their colorfulness, sophistication of compositional solutions and richness of type execution.


Several large collections of selected themes or masters will also be presented at the auction. These include: a string of landscapes by Kim Britov, represented by works from both the early and late periods of the author's work; a number of picturesque and graphic landscapes of Nikolai Vladimirov, Vladimir Tyagunov, Vladimir Vladimirov, Efrosinya Ermilova-Platova and others; Among the landscape works offered for sale, special attention is paid to the canvases of Konstantin Prokhorov, which are examples of landscapes that are surprisingly subtle in execution and color. 


In addition to the above works, numerous views of Moscow and St. Petersburg will participate in the auction (among them are works by Alexander Michurinand Ilya Sokolov) works on military topics (represented by graphics of Pavel Piskarev, Veniamin Briskin, Evgeny Kibrik) , the genre of theatrical sketches will be represented by a string of works by Alexander Benois. Some unique items of porcelain, decorative and applied art will take part in the auction among which a special place is occupied by numerous Fedoskino lacquer boxes.


The special pride of the upcoming auction is Sergey Vasilkovsky's pastel entitled "A Village in Little Russia" which is a true rarity .


Until the 15th of November, the gallery is accepting significant works of art for the upcoming auctions in spring. 


We will be happy to provide all the necessary information, accept applications for absentee participation and applications for participation in bidding by phone. You can buy or order a catalog from the gallery staff.