Pre-auction exhibition "Anniversary auction" will be open from September 20 to October 24, 2018.

The traditional autumn auction of the auction house “Sovcom”, which will take place on October 25, 2018, promises to be a significant event in the Russian art market. The auction, "Russian Art" has selected more than 150 lots for bidding. The presented collection allows to make a full-fledged impression of the Soviet paintings during that time.


Special interest is presented by the painting "Paris - Viavani Street" by Aleksandr Gerasimov, the first president of the Academy of Arts of the USSR (1947 to 1957) and the possessor of all possible regalia of the Soviet period. For most, the name of Aleksandr Gerasimov is primarily associated with program genre paintings, whether it is "I.V. Stalin and K. Ye. Voroshilov in the Kremlin" or "Hymn to October". A chamber city landscape is also presented here, which, more likely, will remind us of the works by the late Konstantin Korovin rather than Gerasimov.


Genre painting of the Soviet period is presented quite widely: it is "The sketch of the frescoes of the pavilion of the International Fair in Leipzig "Youth"" by Igor Radoman, and the monumental canvas "Long live the Soviet Republic!" by Nikolai Karakhan, and several works by Georgi Savitsky and many other works. An interesting picture is "Let's have a smoke" by Lev Naroditskii, whose name refers to one of the most popular songs of the times of the Patriotic War.


A wide range of landscape paintings are presented: the names of Dmitrii Nalbandyan, Yuri Kugach, Valentin Sidorov and Efrem Zverkov rightfully enter the golden fund of Russian art of the twentieth century. The bright and sunny “Steamship “Russia” by Georgii Niskii has not only an artistic but also historical value: in August 1951 a reproduction of this work was published on the cover of the Pioner magazine, and also brilliant works of Vladimir School students Valery Kokurin and Kim Britov, and the Britov’s landscape "On the Lake" was created in 1974 - the works of this period today are rarely found on the Russian art market.


With special pride, experts of the auction house highlight "Still Life with a horseshoe" by Vladimir Stozharov - it is the still life with breads, loving cups, samovars, milk jugs, jugs and spinning wheels that are considered to be the most characteristic for this unique painter who possessed the rare gift of a colorist. The work is reproduced: Catalogue "Stozharov. Catalogue of Works Painting Drawing", Soviet Artist. 1977, p. 12; album V.Stozharov "Russian North", Soviet artist, Moscow. 1972, pp. 9-10; book "Stozharov", White City, Moscow, 2006. Participated in the All-Union Art Exhibition in Moscow (1961).


A separate mention is the "Mutants" of Gely Korzhev, an amazing painter whose work many art historians associate with the traditions of European modernism. This connection, in particular, says Alexander Borovsky, the head of the Department of New Trends of the State Russian Museum, in an article dedicated to the exhibition held at the State Tretyakov Gallery in 1916. Moreover, Borovsky sets Korzhev in line with such artists as, for example, Lucien Freud. Images of fantastic monsters appeared in the work of Korzhev in the mid-70's. He himself called them the mysterious word "Turliki", and today there is no single point of view about what exactly these creatures symbolize: some believe that these pictures depict modern society with its vices, others believe that the artist was a visionary and wrote demons.


The works of the coryphaeus of the Moscow conceptual school of Ilya Kabakov, who heads the list of the most expensive living Russian artists (according to The Artnewspaper), rarely appear on the domestic art market. His work you can probably meet in the halls of major museums: just now there is a large-scale retrospective of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov "In the future will not take everyone." in the State Tretyakov Gallery. The presented work is very characteristic for the albums of Kabakov, on which he worked actively in the 1970s.


Mikhail Grigorievich Pashinin (1921-1996) - a representative of a group of leading artists of the Fedoskino craft, the author of several iconic plots of lacquer miniatures, such as "Snow Maiden", "Stone Flower", "Lel". The artist was one of the best portraitists of the Fedoskino craft of lacquer miniature. He was the author of a number of iconic plots of lacquer miniatures, as well as magnificent portraits of prominent political and cultural figures, cosmonauts, heroes of the 1917 revolution, etc. He was commissioned by the government of the USSR to perform portraits of prominent political figures, ambassadors of foreign states, kings, scientists and artists. Portraits represented at the auction come from the collection of N.M. Shvernik and were awarded to him for a five-year term in office as Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.


Alexey Viktorovich Shchusev (1873-1949).

The famous architect, winner of many awards, among them - four Stalin Awards, an academic. Leading architect of the Soviet Union. In 1911 Shchusev became the chief architect of the complex of buildings of the Kazan Station. But only by the end of August 1913 the architect submitted a detailed project to the Ministry of Railways. There were no other project, on which Shchusev would spend more than two years preparing. This station can be considered a project of his life. Also among his projects is the building of the NKVD on Lubyanka Square and the Palace of Soviet. Works of A.V. Shchusev presented at the auction are notable and have an unquestionable collector's value.


Gritsenko Nikolay Nikolaevich (1856-1900).

Marine painter. He also worked as a landscape painter, as the author of architectural landscapes, different types of seaports and reproduced images of ships of the Russian navy. In 1894 he became an artist of the Marine Ministry of Russia. Since 1886, he took an active role in the exhibitions of the Academy of Arts and various associations of Russian Artists. His personal exhibitions took place in Paris (1896) and Moscow (1902). The works are kept in the State Russian Museum, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Art Museums of Saratov, Omsk, Perm and others. The presence on its stretcher of the old inscription "Emperor Wilhelm" suggests that this painting was written as a gift to the German Emperor, and after his abdication in 1918 was sold and fell into private hands. The work had museum and antiquarian-collector value.


Konchalovsky Petr Petrovich (1876 –1956).

The work presented at this auction is an sketch to the famous painting by P.P. Konchalovsky "Where is blood donated here?" (1942), and depicts the profile of a woman standing in the center of the composition. A special texture with thin colours that don’t hide the real colour of plywood and small round strokes that model face of the woman. On the back of the author's work there is a characteristic for the identification of genuine works of PP. Konchalovsky, which is an inscription: "1942-1365/P.Konchalovsk ...". In addition, there is also an additional inscription: "The girl's head - sketch for the picture" Where is blood donated here?".


Mark Matveyevich Antokolsky - an outstanding Russian realist sculptor, an academician of the Petersburg and Paris Academy of Arts. At today’s auction we feature Mephistopheles sculpture, which is a symbolic work of the author. Sculptor took literal prototype from Goethe’s poem “Faust” as basis and in the original sketch he created almost an illustration to it, but the "literary" plot did not satisfy the sculptor. Gradually, he had a new understanding of the image. In 1876, as a research for full-scale work, Antokolsky created the bust of Mephistopheles, modeled on an inverted open book, which is comparable to the current lot. The version of this bust made in 1883 is included in the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery.


Aidan Salakhova (born in 1964).

Academician of Russian Academy of Arts, an outstanding painter and sculptor. Her works regularly represent Russian Art at the Venice Biennale and other major international exhibitions. The author's sculpture - “Book” from the series "Without Words" is made in two colors - white and black. White stone - marble, black stone - Belgian marble. Such relative color poverty, as well as laconic forms, serve as a purpose to think about the eternal. This is one of ten sculpture books, which were made based on the old drawings of the artist and exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in London in 2016.



The auction will be held on October 25, 2018 at 7 p.m.

28, Schepkina st.

Auction house “Sovcom”.