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Auction houses - foremost Russian market in 2013. ARTinvestment.RU – 10.01.2014,16:19

Criterion of our current ranking auctions became total sales in 2013 of each house separately, but only in the segment of painting and drawing. That is, if within the mixed auction traded thong DPI, books , etc., then we took to offset only the cost of sales of paintings and graphics . The basis of calculation laid down our own data - mostly from correspondents ARTinvestment.RU Statistics of the halls where trading.

A few preliminary observations : 1) the results of the tender in St. Petersburg accounted for according to the auctions themselves , and 2) the price in foreign currency are translated into rubles at the exchange rate on the day of the auction , 3) result in the audience may differ slightly from the official result of the auction, which takes into account post-auction sales and prices do not include unpaid lots 4) all payments made on the hammer price , as they are fixed in the hall. As a result, the list of leaders gathered 13 Russian auction market , providing basic financial revenues in the segment of fine art .

So what conclusions we came to :

1. Major players of the national auction market for the year showed total sales for painting and drawing nearly 681 million rubles - about 20.8 million, which is approximately at the level of 2012 . Deterioration was not, but no breakthrough occurred. Total for 2013 in Moscow and St. Petersburg has been more than 34 significant auction trading Thong painting and graphics ( the exact number is difficult to call , because , first, in a purely " book " auctions are a small number of original and Circulation graphics , and secondly, we aim to analyze the activity of only those homes that make the weather in the domestic market of painting and graphics ).

2 . Almost 30 %of the Russian auction sales volume in 2013 (almost 203.3 million) to provide implementations only the ten most expensive paintings ( see AI: " Russian art Market - 2013 . Preliminary figures » ). Unless, of course , the word "only" here can be considered relevant .

3 . Individuals leader became fairly predictable auction "Kabinet" with total sales in the segment of painting and graphic art by more than 141 million rubles. However, guess who will be the first one could before the formal counting . "Kabinet" - auction - worker : for the year he spent as much as 5 trading on art or incorporating matching thong. It's a lot about the auction every six months due to the limited duration of the business season .

Rating auctions Russian segment of painting and graphics at the end of 2013

auction house Result segment Arts , RR
1 « Kabinet » 141 311 200
2 «Sovcom» 126 099 000
3 « Russian enamel » 93 262 550
4 «VLADEY» 71 703 450
5 « Russian Seasons » 64 824 500
6 « VEAD » 37 387 310
7 « Znak -Art » 35 497 000
8 « Magnum Ars » 33 325 800
9 «House of antique books in Nikitsky» 29 055 200
10 «Three Centuries » 21 040 000
11 « RAD » 13 924 000
12 « Shishkin » 10 916 500
13 « Litkabinet » 2 603 000
Total: 680 949 510
4 . In general, the annual average percentage of sales at auctions of fine arts in Russia amounted to about 37%. Record year for this indicator set auction VLADEY: May 23 was sold 73.6 %of the catalog. October 17 VLADEY almost repeated this achievement , having sold almost 69 %of the lots . In third place - the auction "Kabinet" April 23 : 61%of lots sold .

5 . " Fastest lap " ( in terms of "Formula 1" ) demonstrated the auction house " Russian enamel ," which took in offset by sales only third place on this auction record was set in 2013 (a record at the same time and for the entire national auction market ) - 76 million rubles for tempera on paper« Market Place Uglich . " Actually, this one transaction and provided the lion's share of turnover " Russian enamel " on the rest of the painting and graphics they collected a little more than 17 million rubles .

6. The only one who actually due in 2013 on the heels of "office" at the box office - is " Scoop ," another elder Russian auction market . Annual sales exceed 126 million last rubles. Backlog as other market participants from the first three substantially more .

7. Several auctions newcomers not just entered the list of significant market participants , but also located closer to the middle " of the table ." In particular, " scenic " auction " House of antique books in Nikitsky " provided him ninth place in the ranking , East European Antique House in sixth place , and is located on the fourth and did debutant public auction - auction VLADEY, specializing in contemporary and postwar art . Two held in 2013, the auction raised more than VLADEY 71 million rubles - the best start for the entire observation period .

8. The most successful auction in 2013 was the " Russian enamel " May 18 with the result by painting 90 million rubles. In second place - " Scoop " on 24 October, the result of 73.4 million. And the third - " Russian Seasons" May 19 , was attended by nearly 65 million rubles .

9. In the Russian market is still painting and graphics is the largest segment in the auction , surpassing the book and numismatic . For comparison, annual sales of second-hand on the auction market is about 508 million rubles against 681 million rubles from the painting , 158 million rubles in coins , orders, medals and Beaune and nearly 107 million in DPI. Although part may seem that the Finance antiquarian market , we already exceed picturesque. This " optical illusion ", probably due to the fact that buying activity ( percentage of purchased lots ) and the intensity of activity in the market of antiquarian books and manuscripts actually much greater than the corresponding figures for the market of painting and graphics .

10 . Sales in our domestic auction market is only 4.5 %of foreign sales in the auction of paintings and graphics artists orbit of Russian art. And the word "only" here can definitely be considered appropriate .

If the outcome is more or less clear, in terms of forecasts of market participants unity is observed. So , moderate optimists (call them by analogy to the stock market "art bulls" ) note that the graph indicator of consumer activity in the segment of Russian art ARTIMXba-RUS from September 2013 shows significant growth . In the experience of this suggests that around March - April ( six months after the beginning of growth in consumer activity ) should begin rising prices . Thus , it is hoped that the market is on the verge of recovery. If there is no force majeure .

contrary, cautious pessimists , or " art bears" , note that buying at auction - item largely moody . Therefore, the results of trading often tune the overall economic situation and " species for the future" in terms of customers. And in assessing the economic prospects frighten us all who laziness : experts and investment companies , and experts of the Higher School of Economics , and representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development . Slowing growth trajectory " from stagnation to recession," smooth devaluation of the ruble , the decline in investment , rising unemployment - that's what mood we propose to begin in 2014 numerous experts .

consolation , however , is that , in practice , no one really knows anything reliably . Therefore, expert opinion - it is not a diagnosis, but rather the possible scenarios and the invitation to discuss their development. Buyers art market not through rational. Therefore, complete correlation between the state of the economy and a penchant for shopping has never been observed . Someone who is blown, still not lit again no good economic news . As, however, and vice versa : it is necessary to appear enthusiastic wave of new buyers at auctions and they will not stop any forecasts Economic Development .

Generally 2013 has once again confirmed that both trade auction format is not in danger . Some companies , organizers are getting stronger , the other - weaker , but overall popularity Russian auctions continues to grow as in deliverers and collectors . And, frankly , does not come to mind any reason why this vector may change in 2014 .

Statistics: Elena Vladimirov , AI Lyrics: Vladimir Bogdanov , AI