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The Sovcom evening auction on March, 30. THE ARTNEWSPAPER RUSSIA. №02 (51) March 2017.

The pride of place in the auction catalog belongs to the works by masters of socialist realism. One of the top lots will be V. I. Lenin Speaking at the IV Komintern Congress in 1922 by Pavel Radimov, author of portraits of heroes of the revolution. This work is accompanied by seven sketches completed between 1922 and 1926 (total estimate US$12-18K). Also worth noting is the sketch for Aleksandr Gerasimov’s painting Hymn to the October (US$470-680K). The artist took only six months to paint this canvas which is 406x710 cm in size; it is currently kept by the Russian Museum. Its imaginary subject involves more than 200 real historical personalities getting together at the Bolshoi Theater to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the October Revolution, which did not happen in 1942 due to the seriousness of the situation at the frontlines. The sketch differs from the final version only by the color of the curtain. You can also find in the auction catalog the two-sided Female Portrait by Tatiana Kuperwasser, a student of Petrov-Vodkin, which has Aleksandr Rusakov’s painting The Interior on its back (US$25-50K), as well as the graceful Gardner porcelain figurines (US$1-3K). Also worth noting is the series of eight photos by Valeriy Katsuba Every Passion is Blind and Mad performed by the master of reincarnation Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe (US$10-20K).