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“Soviet art from A to Z” at the Sovcom auction.

The Auction House of Moscow is holding the last auction this year, combining serious finds with an easy selection of New Year's themes.

The auction, which will take place in Sovcom on the 1st of December is named after the cover of Samuil Marshak's book “Merry Journey from A to Z”, drawn by the famous Soviet graphic artist (and a member of the World of Art) Vladimir Konashevich in 1953 (watercolor with numerous signatures and stamps of the publishing house on the back is estimated at 100-200 thousand rubles.). The auction itself can also be similar to the alphabet: here are collected European still lifes of the 19th century, and the works of contemporary artists, and Russian classics. A New Year gift accent has also been made - originals of the Soviet New Year posters, winter graphics and paintings of the 20th century, winter-themed porcelain sculptures are on sale at modest prices.

But of course the main focus is paid to the serious collectible art. A block of works that was presented by Anna Ostroumova-Lebedeva to Ivan Pikulev, director of the publishing house "Soviet Writer", is put up for auction. This is a monochrome watercolor by Ostroumova-Lebedeva herself “St. Petersburg. 1912" (estimate 300-600 thousand rubles.) And Alexander Benois's pastel "The Stone Guest"- an illustration to Pushkin's "Little Tragedies" (before 1917, estimate 500 thousand - 1 million rubles). Very heavy artillery - "Virgin Forest" by Julius Klever, professor of landscape painting at the Imperial Academy of Arts. This is a fabulous work with mystical light in the depths of the thicket, estimated at 5-10 million rubles.

There is also contemporary art. For example, the unexpected early work of Vitaly Komar "Neighbors" with an old men and dogs from 1967-1968 (estimate 700 thousand - 1.2 million rubles). On the back there is a dedication to Alexander Khamarkhanov, a poet from Ulan-Ude, who was friends with Moscows’ nonconformists in the late 1960s.

Bright work of the Belarusian artist and designer Vladimir Tsesler "Ronald MacDonald's smile with the lips of David" is also noteworthy (estimate 150-400 thousand rubles)

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