Altman Natan Isaevich

Altman Natan Isaevich (1889, Vinnitsa, Ukraine – 1970, Saint Petersburg).

Honoured artist of RSFSR (1968). In 1903-1907 studied in Odessa Art School at the painting department under K.K. Costandi and G.A. Ladyzhensky, and at the sculpture department under L.D. Iorini and I. Marmone. In 1910-1911 he worked in “Free Russian Academy of A.K. Vasilyeva” in Paris. Was influenced by cubism. Took part in exhibitions since 1906. Was a member of “Art World” union (in 1913, 1915, 1916), “Youth union” (1913-1914), “0,10” (1915-1916), “Jack of Diamonds” (1916). After the revolution, he created festive decorations for Petrograd in 1918 and Moscow from 1921 to 1928. In 1920-s created a number of sculptures, including “Portrait of A.V. Lunacharsky” (State Russian Museum), the first sculptural portrait of V.I. Lenin, made from nature. Performed drawings for PORCELAIN FACTORY articles (the plate “Land to workers”), sketches for postage stamps, posters, covers for books of V.V. Mayakovsky and I.G. Erenburg. Arranged theatrical stagings in Moscow (Mistery-buff) by V.V. Mayakovsky, 1921) in Leningrad. Lived in France in 1928-1938. Created illustrations to “Stories of Petersburg” by N.V. Gogol during this period, published in 1937, and a series of lithographs to the topic of the Old Testament. Took part in exhibitions of “L’Aregne” group (“Spider”, 1925), “Young Europe” society (1932), Association of revolutionary writers and artists (1935, 1935). Personal exhibitions of the artist were held in Leningrad (1926, 1938, 1940, 1941, 1961), in Moscow (1938). The works of Natan Altman are exhibited in the State Tretyakov Gallery and State Russian Museum, in many regional museums, in museums of many countries of the world.

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На берегу.
№ 22 На берегу.

On the coast.

Author: Altman Natan Isaevich

Technique: Paper, pencil, color pencils.
Size: 20х28.

Auction № 15
Graphic, poster, sculpture, porcelain
20 September 2006

Valued price
1800 - 2000 $
1800 - 2000 $
Зимний пейзаж. Франция.
№ 28 Зимний пейзаж. Франция.

Winter landscape. France.

Author: Altman Natan Isaevich

Year: Circa 1928-1935.
Technique: Gouache on paper.
Size: 58,5х34,2.

Auction № 113
Russian and Western European art of 18-20th centuries
18 May 2010

Valued price
450000-600000 rub.
450000-600000 rub.
№ 84 Балет.


Author: Altman Natan Isaevich

Year: 1958
Technique: Paper, ink, water-colour.
Size: 10х21.

Auction № 80
Triumph of the Socialist realism
25 October 2008

Valued price
180000 - 250000 rub.
180000 - 250000 rub.
Эскиз сценографии к комедии У. Шекспира.
№ 129 Эскиз сценографии к комедии У. Шекспира.

The sketch of scenography to U.Shakespeare's comedy.

Author: Altman Natan Isaevich

Year: 1954.
Technique: Paper, black pencil.
Size: 34,5х46.

Auction № 37
Photo, Graphics, Posters
20 September 2007

Valued price
260000 - 300000 rub.
260000 - 300000 rub.