Drozdov Ivan Georgievich

Drozdov Ivan Georgievich (1880, Vvedenskoe – 1939, Leningrad).

In the 1890s, Ivan Drozdov worked in M. Molov’s icon-painting shop and trained in A. Bolshakov’s studio. He also studied in the Penza Art College (1889-1903) under К. Savitsky and at the Russian Academy of Arts (beginning 1903) where V. Makovsky, I. Repin and V. Savinsky were his teachers. From 1907 on, Ivan Drozdov participated in exhibitions held by the Russian Academy of Arts, the Society for Traveling Art Exhibitions etc. In 1910 he was awarded the title of painter by the Academy for his pictures The Dealers and Contrition. In 1911 – 1912 he traveled as holder of Academy’s fellowship to Italy, France and Germany. After the 1917 the artist lived in Leningrad. He was a member of the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia (AKhRR) and chairman of the Association’s Leningrad branch from 1924-1926. He made pictures portraying the revolution history and the construction of socialism. In 1939 Ivan Drozdov participated in the New York World’s Fair. He had his one-man shows in Leningrad in 1935 and 1940. Drozdov’s works are in the State Russian Museum, the Academy of Arts Museum, the St. Petersburg Theater Museum, the Yekaterinburg Art Gallery, in a number of regional museums of the ex-USSR and in private collections in Russia and abroad.

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Весенний пейзаж.
№ 6 Весенний пейзаж.

Spring landscape.

Author: Drozdov Ivan Georgievich

Year: 1910-es
Technique: Paper, water-colour.
Size: 35х90.

Auction № 14
Soviet art
07 June 2006

Valued price
12000 - 12500 $
12000 - 12500 $
Слушают радио.
№ 35 Слушают радио.

Listening to the radio.

Author: Drozdov Ivan Georgievich

Year: 1938
Technique: Canvas, oil.
Size: 79,6х111.

Auction № 20
23 December 2006

Valued price
32000 - 35000 $
32000 - 35000 $
На даче.
№ 52 (λ) На даче.

In the country house.

Author: Drozdov Ivan Georgievich

Year: 1962.
Technique: Oil on canvas.
Size: 96,5х135.

Auction № 165
Auction №164
01 June 2021

Valued price
350000-700000 rub.
350000-700000 rub.
Женский портрет.
№ 61 Женский портрет.

Female portrait.

Author: Drozdov Ivan Georgievich

Year: 1916
Technique: Paper on pasterboard, sauce, charcoal.
Size: 88,5х64.

Auction № 29
Russian and West-European Art of the XIX-XX centuries
21 April 2007

Valued price
400000 - 450000 rub.
400000 - 450000 rub.