Shteynberg (Boruh) Boris Arkadevich

Shteynberg (Boruh) Boris Arkadevich (1938 - 2003).

Painter, graphic artist. The brother of the famous nonconformist artist Eduard Steinberg. Since 1956 he studied literature, since 1957 - painting. In 1960, together with his family moved to Moscow. I met DP Plavinsky, AV Kharitonov, AT Zverev and other young artists, as well as some collectors of contemporary art, in particular, with the Brazilian diplomat G. Suarez. In 1970-1971 Boruch works were exhibited at the Nuove correnti a Mosca exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts in Lugano, Switzerland and Alexej Smirnov und russische Avantgarde aus Moskau in a private gallery in Zurich, Switzerland. In 1974 he joined a group of artists who actively defend their right to freedom of creativity, headed by O. Ya. Rabin. In the same year he took part in the first autumn viewing of outdoor paintings in Belyaevo, known as the "Bulldozer Exhibition", and then in the second autumn viewing of outdoor paintings in Izmaylovsky Park. In 1975 he joined the initiative group for the first officially authorized exhibition of new art in the pavilion "House of Culture" at VDNH. In the 1970s he also participated in many apartment exhibitions, including exhibitions in the apartment of N. Andreevich, I. Ginzburg, I. Kiblitsky, own workshop. The works of Boruch were exhibited at the collective exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Chartres in 1977. Personal exhibitions of the artist were held in 1982 (Zurich, Cologne, Amsterdam), 1983 (USA), 1987 (Switzerland), 1988 (Germany). In 1991 he took part in the exhibition "Other Art" in Moscow. In 2002, a personal exhibition of the artist "What my soul was looking for" was organized in the picture gallery of the Moscow Jewish Community Center, which became the last lifetime exposition of his works. He created pointless pictures, referring to the traditions of geometric abstractionism of the first third of the twentieth century, often made voluminous compositions using sheet metal, nails, plywood and so on. Boruch's works are in many museum and private collections.

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№ 117 Автопортрет.


Author: Shteynberg (Boruh) Boris Arkadevich

Year: 1972.
Technique: Author's media on fiberboard.
Size: 71х59.

Auction № 148
Russian art of the 20th century
08 February 2018

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15000-25000 $