"BUY THE PICTURES AS A GIFT." Exhibition 30.05.2014 - 30.06.2014.

We decided to do an exhibition under such an unusual name for our permanent and possibly future customers. More than 200 of graphic works and paintings by Russian and Soviet artists working in the twentieth century are presented , they are all for sale. Format price is from 1 000 to 100 000 U.S. dollars. Gifts can be different and some can be made for yourself. We decided to make emphasis on the most requested topics: still lifes, landscapes and genre paintings for 1950-1960's. There is one unit with works of Moscow and one for Leningrad 1960-1970 's, they are all from 30 000 to 100 000 rubles.

The exhibition presents the following artists: А.N. Bеnuа, М.V. Dоbuzhinskii, Yu.P. Аnnеnkоv, А.О. Оrlоvskii, L.D. Gudiаshvili, I.Е. Rеpin, B.D. Grigоrev, А.А. Deineka, V.F. Stogarov, G.К. Savitskii, L.V. Turganskii, P.I. Petrovichev, G.G. Nisskii, V.К. Byalynitskii-Birulya, B.F.Rybchenkov, I.V.Radoman, G.А.Sretenskii, А.М. Gerasimov, S.V.Gerasimov, B.I.Urmanche, E.G.Bragovskii, I.P.Obrosov, P.P.Ossovskii, V.Е.Popkov, А.S.Papikyan, А.М. Gritsai, М.G.Abakumov, А.P.Tkachev, С.P. Tkachev, B.S.Ugarov, N.М. Romadin, L.I.Tabenkin, D.P.Plavinskii, М.М.Shemyakin, V.N.Nemukhin, N.I.Nesterovoi, Т.G.Nazarenko, А.N.Gankevich and many others.

The exhibition is open on working days from 11.00 -19.00 . On weekends and public holidays by appointment. Address: Build 28, Schepkina st., Moscow, 129090. We will be happy to provide you with all the information you need by phone +7 (495) 684 91 91, art@sovcom.ru, http://www.sovcom.ru

Also draw your attention to out collection with more than 10,000 works, you will always be able to find something you like. If you have any special requests then please contact us, so we will be able to help you.