The exhibition "Soviet Impressionism" from June 25 through September 15, 2017.

From June 25, 2017, the Auction House “Sovcom” opens the selling exhibition “Soviet Impressionism”, which provides anyone who feels like it with a unique possibility to get acquainted with an extensive yet fascinating part of creative life in our country in 1950–80th. Bright sunny landscapes, still-life paintings and portraits by gifted artists will make the most sophisticated viewers excited with delight.

“Soviet Impressionism” is a mature term. There are books and monographs devoted to that trend. However, major exhibitions, combining that style artists, were held abroad in the USA and China. Owing a considerable collection of works from that period, we decided to make good the deficit.

The exhibition presents sketches and complete works by the brothers Sergey and Aleksey Tkachyovs, Yuriy Kugach, Arkady Plastov, Viktor Tsyplakov, Valentin Polyakov, and Yakov Khaimov. The Vladimir school artists K. Britov and Y. Matushevskiy comprised a separate yet rather representative section. The display strikes with visualisation, energy, spirituality of the works, and artistic skill of their execution. The execution technique of numerous works is quite original. They were painted with thick brush strokes, prominently and mightily, sometimes strongly and sweepingly.

Soviet Impressionism to buy is a popular query of lots of our clients. You are free to choose any day to tour both the exhibition and our gallery funds. We feel sure the presentation, radiant with the summer sunny colour, will touch your feelings. The presentation changes all the time, and we are always open to cooperation and carefully attend to proposals from collectors.

The exhibition is open from June 25 through September 15, 2017.
Please contact us +7 (495) 684 9191 or via e-mail  art@sovcom.ru, and we will be able to arrange the view at your convenience.