"Soviet porcelain and faience" exhibition from October 1 to November 01.

Soviet era porcelain is one of the major movements of the applied arts of the Soviet period. The best artists and sculptors of the 20th century were among the creators of porcelain pieces of that era. The authors often chose Russian fairy tales, sports and genre scenes as themes for their works.

At our exhibition Soviet Porcelain and Faience you will be able to get acquainted with the works of applied and decorative arts from 1920s–1930s to 1970s by the most significant Soviet-era masters who worked in porcelain: I.G. Frikh-Khar, Mariya Kholodnaya, A.G. Sotnikov, Sara Lebedeva, A.T. Matveev, A.M. Belashov. The work of Frikh-Khar is represented by the fairytale genre composition Old Town. Samarkand where you can see the ethnic and fantastic Oriental themes; by the porcelain Inkpot box with a small dove figurine on the cover, by the animalistic figurines The Pigeon and The Dove and a rare painted vase. The exhibition will also include a series of animalistic miniatures by A.G. Sotnikov, the head designer of the Dulevo porcelain factory. For him, fairytale characters are one of the favorite themes, reproduced in series dozens of times. Brave hero knights, mysterious beautiful ladies, funny animals and hundreds of other characters known to everyone since childhood fill everything around them with magic, letting us delve into pleasant nostalgic memories.

Almost all the porcelain ware of the Soviet era is the result of the artist's individual creativity, whether it's single artworks for exhibitions or projects for series or mass market production. Most of the exhibits represented at the exhibition have signatures of their creators. The series works by Mariya Kholodnaya, Uzbek Woman with a Carpet and many other Oriental-themed ones, communicate to the viewer the national color of Uzbekistan.

The academic art school is represented by the works Nude Model and Ira and by two very rare sculptures by Sara Lebedeva, one of which is The Girl with a Butterfly. The exhibition also includes a collection of rare vases dedicated to various notable events, from the 800th anniversary of Moscow to anniversary gifts to L.I. Brezhnev.

The exhibition is open on weekdays from 10AM to 6PM and on weekends by a prior arrangement.