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Soviet Graphic Arts

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Caricature "Head in the sand."

Author: Estis Oleg Nikolayevich

Year – 1989.
Size – 26х42.
Technique – Mixed media on paper.

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By request


The Soviet era graphic arts make a very wide-ranging section which covers the period from 1917 to 1991. It includes political posters and newspaper and magazine drawings, book illustration and caricature, easel drawings and many others. The Soviet graphic arts reflect the whole epoch to the full.

The Soviet era graphic arts and this section as a whole demonstrate graphic arts in all their breadth and diversity: both rigorous and elaborate practice drawings and masterly sketches, classical pencil and charcoal techniques and refined color harmonies of watercolor, gouache, pastel, as well as numerous printed graphics.

Undoubted successes of the Soviet graphic arts of the middle of the 20th century are the works by talented illustrators of Soviet books D. Kardovsky, K. Rudakov, V. Suteev, which bear the stamp of their vivid and unique talent, as well as the works by Kukryniksy (a creative group of Soviet graphic artists and painters) which have already become classic.

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The Soviet graphic arts are rightfully proud of many brilliant and outstanding masters. There are all the traditional and uniquely authorial techniques represented among the many particular drawings. The color in the graphic arts is used in a more figurative way than in painting, but even so, the pictorial language of the graphics is characteristic for its laconicism.

Graphics by Soviet artists. “I’d like to buy Soviet graphic arts! What can you offer us?” This is one of the questions most often asked by our customers. We can offer you a portrait of a landscape, a domestic or battle scene, a still life and many other things. Our collection includes the works by leading graphics artists of the 1950s–1970s period. Those include N. Andronov, Yu. Pimenov, A. Deyneka, L. Soyfertis, V. Vetrogonsky, O. Yuntunen, A. Romadanovskaya.

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